Some believe that open houses are becoming obsolete as more buyers are browsing real estate listings online. However, it is unlikely that anyone is going to buy a West Vancouver home without seeing it “in the flesh” beforehand. It’s like Internet dating: what looks good online doesn’t always feel right in real life!

An open house helps to generate exposure for your West Vancouver home. It’s also the perfect opportunity to showcase the surrounding neighbourhood and a good location is a huge selling feature. A skilled and knowledgeable West Vancouver real estate agent will be able to highlight local amenities, schools, parks and more. MLS listings simply can’t compare.

That being said, the question remains: do you need an open house to promote the sale of your West Vancouver home? The best person to answer that question is your real estate agent. More importantly, consider your own preferences. Not everyone is keen on the idea of opening their home to complete strangers.

The primary goal of the open house is to attract motivated buyers, but it can also attract a number of looky-loos, nosy neighbours and other less savoury types. So how can you weed out the committed from the curious? An alternative is to schedule private appointments for truly qualified buyers. This is also a better option if you are overly concerned about the safety and security of your home and belongings.


Selling Your West Vancouver Home – Ready Or Not Here They Come!


If your West Vancouver home is in good condition and has unique features, and open house can be a good idea. Professional photography and video tours simply can’t capture the inherent style and feel needed to generate an offer from a buyer. These are the types of homes that must be seen to be believed:

  • newly renovated
  • professionally decorated or staged
  • customized interiors or built-in features
  • eco-friendly or energy efficient construction
  • heritage status
  • distinguishing architectural features

As soon as you put your West Vancouver home on the market, your house is going to be open for public viewing. A successful home showing relies entirely on first impressions, curb appeal and correct pricing. Make sure your property is market-ready by doing your own home staging or hiring a professional. Don’t forget advertising! An open house without plenty of advanced advertising it is an empty house. There are more tips and tricks for open houses coming up in our next West Vancouver homes article.

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