West Vancouver Homes – The Condominium Conundrum

In our previous West Vancouver homes article we looked at the pros and cons of condo living in regards to your personality and individual preferences. Condominium apartments and condominium townhouses are often lumped together into one big condo category. This sometimes causes confusion and can lead people to believe that they are the same thing. While there are some similarities, it’s the differences that stand out the most. Once you understand the key particulars in architecture, it will be easy to see why the living experience varies from one to the other.

West Vancouver Homes – Clearing up the Confusion

For the purposes of this article, when we say:

Condo: we are referring to an apartment dwelling in a multiunit complex, usually a building with multiple floors. The condo itself is usually a single level residence and typically does not have additional floors. A condo has its entrance from the common hallway in the building.

Townhouse: we are referring to a single unit attached to a row of other similar dwellings.Townhouses are often referred to as row houses, where each “house” consists primarily of the ground floor and one or more additional floors. A townhouse has its own private entrance leading directly outside.

Still confused? Check out the floor plans and take a video tour in our West Vancouver Homes Listing Gallery for a slice of townhouse life!

West Vancouver Homes – Condo Owners Vs. Townhouse Owners

The basic differences between condos and townhouses are of an architectural nature. But what about ownership? Are there differences there as well? There may be small distinctions between the two, but both condos and townhouses are strata lots. For example:

The Condo Homeowner: owns the interior living space, but not the exterior walls, ceilings or floors as they are shared by the surrounding units. This living arrangement can sometimes mean that there are noise restrictions. One of the reasons why penthouse condos tend to be the more expensive is that they are on the top floor without anyone living above…and they usually have the best views! Condos on the bottom floor can be equally as desirable (and potentially less expensive than penthouse suites) as no one is living below.

The Townhouse Homeowner: owns the interior living space top to bottom which could include the ceilings and floors. The owner doesn’t own the sides of the walls from front to back.These walls are shared with the neighbours on both or either side. It’s for this reason that a townhouse offers much more privacy to the owner than a condo would.

Ok, so what does that mean for your pocket-book…is one more expensive that the other? What about monthly fees and such? We answer those questions and more in our next West Vancouver Homes article.

West Vancouver homes come in a variety of sizes, styles and price-points. Curious about houses, condos or townhouses? Please contact West Vancouver Real Estate Agent, Rick Gustavson for more information.